Doula Sarah & Company, Inc. is Colorado’s Premier overnight doula support placement agency.  Our care encompasses the whole family.  Providing physical, educational and emotional support during transition from hospital to home, and within the first few weeks or within the first year after the birth of your child.  Our support is professional given kindly and without judgment. 

Our team approach gives you the best of our combined expertise.  We work within our strengths and education and know that if one of our team mates has the skill set you need, we can reach out and provide the resources within our circle to give you the care you request or need.  Our team is made up of doulas, newborn care specialists, childbirth educators, night nanny’s and after birth care specialists.  Together, we are truly better! 

Baby has arrived – Supporting the family with overnight newborn care

How great would it be to have your very own “Baby 101” book in your home that also provides a safe space for your transition for couple to parents.  We support your family with providing support with baby, your household, laundry, light housekeeping, and a calm, happy presence.   We support a great night’s sleep while still nurturing that mother baby bond. We provide comprehensive professional, trustworthy, folks to work together with you for a great nights sleep.  A well-cared-for mom and baby provides rest and calm to the entire household.  

We meet you where you are, with no set agendas.  Whether you need baby care, someone to talk to while you nurse, or just some alone time while someone does holds your baby, offers you a snack, and gives the safe space for you to have that self care.

Perhaps you have questions about your little one not sleeping through the night or what is normal for newborn and infant sleep looks like. We create schedules and routine while we are there,  to ensure a great stretch of sleep for you, while we care for your little one.  With Sleep Guidance (TM) we can either create a sleep plan for your baby or help you implement a sleep plan in your home.  Whatever your family needs, that is within our expertise, we do it!