About Us

About Doula Sarah & Co, Inc.

Doula Sarah & Co, Inc.  is a group of highly trained professionals who specialize in working overnight with families after the birth of their children.

We are striving to build a strong community for new and growing families.  We proudly collaborate in our expertise and provide comprehensive support for every family we care for.  Our philosophy is to provide care with a smile and a non-judgmental presence. Our Mission is to support each families individual needs and empower them to be the best parent they can be.

Meet Sarah Murane
Sarah is a true veteran in the birth and postpartum industry with over 16 years of experience running her doula practice. Additionally, Sarah has helped develop and grow other agencies and doula practices in Denver area and has been a long time industry expert. She served on the executive board of the Colorado Doulas Association, helped build curriculum and education resources for many family support practices.  Sarah maintains her own doula agency, Doula Sarah & Co. while building Allo Doula Academy and growing the profession of doulas.