About Us

About Doula Sarah & Co, Inc.

Doula Sarah & Company, Inc. is Colorado’s Premier overnight doula support placement agency. Our care encompasses the whole family. Providing physical, educational, and emotional support during birth transition from hospital to home, and within the first few weeks or within the first year after the birth of your child. Our support is professional, given kindly and without judgment.

Meet Sarah Dominguez

Sarah is a true veteran in the birth and postpartum industry with over 20 years of experience and 3000 hours of training. Sarah has helped develop and grow other agencies and doula practices in Denver area and has been a long-time industry expert. She served on the different nonprofit boards, helped build curriculum and education resources for many family support practices, and mentors many newly trained doulas. Sarah maintains her own doula agency, Doula Sarah & Co., while being co-owner of Allo Doula Academy a private occupational doula school growing the profession of doulas.

Meet the Team

Our team approach gives you the best of our combined expertise. We work within our strengths and education and know that if one of our teammates has the skill set you need, we can reach out and provide the resources within our circle to give you the care you request or need. Our team is made up of doulas, newborn care specialists, childbirth educators, night nannies and after birth care specialists. Together, we are truly better!