Overnight Newborn Care – Sleep Guidance

Sleep Guidance is a Soft and gentle approach to infant sleep.  It is adaptable to your lifestyle, yielding to growth spurts, illness, teething and developmental milestones.  It is a tolerant and respectful to the baby and parent relationship. We are teaming up with you the expert of your baby in a way that is flexible, perfection is not needed.  This method is very forgiving to patterns and associations that may have been created. We gently guide and restructure those associations one at a time.

Sleep Training – Sleep Guidance doulas provide developmentally appropriate information and education to get your little one sleeping through the night.

      • Sleep guidance planning consultation call
      • Routine and sleep plan creation
      • Virtual support
      • In person support

We offer Sleep Guidance Consultations or in home hands on Sleep Guidance.   Contact us for your free 15 minute Sleep Guidance consultation.

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