Overnight Newborn Care  – Night nanny care

Our overnight newborn care is provided by trained Doulas.  A Doula is a specially trained and experienced professional who provides non-medical support and education to new families after the birth of their baby or babies and through the first 24 months of parenting. 

Before birth, we are available to help with a series of in-home visits or consultations to create a newborn care and postpartum plan for you and your family. This plan helps walk you through the postpartum healing, newborn care tips and tricks, baby gear and much more. 

Your support begins right after your baby is born, we can make a visit to the hospital to help with any questions or care you need during your stay.  Most importantly after you have brought baby home, we are the extra set of hands and eyes that care for you, your partner and your baby. This care includes evidence based information on; mother baby bonding, infant care, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and emotional and physical recovery from birth.

We are there to make the transition of having your new baby(s)  arrival home go more smoothly in those exhausting first weeks and months.  Our goal is to provide you the ability to have a great night of support, restful sleep and the comfort of a reliable person to count on.   

We help provide support for all families.  Whether you have a newborn, a 4 month old a 6 month old or two 3 year old’s, we are happy to tailor support just for your family.  

Services may include:

Maternal care (mothering the mother with no judgement)
Paternal care (fathering the father with no judgement)

Newborn care: Baby soothing, changing diapers, cleaning bottles/pump parts, & swaddling
Breastfeeding Education
Formula Feeding Education

Sibling transition education and support
Light household management (sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and laundry)
Errand running – Grocery shopping, returns, purchases
Meal preparation
Overnight support care/Night Nanny
Postpartum depression care and education

Sleep Guidance
Sleep Consultations
Date Night Care

​All family support ranges from $40-45/hour.  Discount Packages are available for purchase

  • Minimum of 8 hours and maximum of 12
  • Daytime support is also available upon request

Contact us for more information on any family support you need.