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Sarah Murane is a super woman with magical baby powers. She is always dressed with  banging sexy shoes, colorful, fashionable attire and constant smile. She is my secret Night Elf. I swear the minute I go to sleep a gleaming light surrounds her body and all the babies within a 1 mile radius calm, giggle and drift off to sleep. Sarah then gently and  magically commands all household cleaning supplies and appliances to do their job, just like the Apprentice in Disney’s Fantasia. She sings softly on pitch while the house whips itself into shape in the wee hours of the morning. Her amazing powers are not in babies and household cleaning supplies, I am positive my stored breast milk mysteriously doubled in size and fat content.

She is just…magic..

– Libby Pollack

Sarah was a very worthwhile investment for me and my husband, Matt. Being first time parents, we knew we would be more comfortable with the birth process and the baby’s first few days of life if we had an experienced, kind advocate by our side. Sarah provided that and much more. She’s smart and straight forward – something I needed to mesh with my strong personality. She’s a wealth of information and only wants what’s best for you, your partner, and your child – based on your agenda not hers. We consider her part of the family now 🙂 And her Birth Knowledge class is very informative and helpful. Doulas rock!
– Jen Keyerleber

Sarah was a priceless asset on my birth team.  This was a second baby for me, but my first delivery in Colorado.  I had used a doula with my first birth in another state and had high expectations.  After meeting with several doulas and not really “feeling it”, we met Sarah and we just knew she was the one and hired her on the spot.  She is confident, warm, smart, funny, and experienced.  Her birth prework and prep for birth is very thorough.  She helped me work through some emotional fears I had concerning the upcoming birth and helped me enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.  After spending several hours together getting to know each other and prepping for the birth, I was confident that with Sarah on my team I would be able to have another great birth experience.  In the end my birth went so fast and I didn’t get to utilize her as much as I anticipated, but she supported me so well during pregnancy and delivery and things went well. I was able to successfully give birth to a healthy baby girl the way I wanted to, and I could not have done it without Sarah’s help.  Would hire her again in a heartbeat.  She’s incredible!
– Emily Lott

“My family and I had the absolutely best experience with Sarah during the birth of our second daughter! Sarah was the perfect mix of being caring, compassionate and motivational at the times when I really thought I couldn’t have a drug free birth. She coached me through it with such grace and I’m happy to report I got to have the birth experience I had always envisioned! Sarah went the extra mile afterwards by following up and visiting with our family to make sure we had all adjusted to life as a family of four. I can not recommend Sarah highly enough!”
– Nicole Laydon